What is the earliest time we can do evening Gongyo? And what is the latest time we can do morning Gongyo?

There is not a fixed time for morning and evening Gongyo. It depends on a person’s lifestyle or job schedule. However, evening Gongyo should be finished by 12 midnight. Morning Gongyo should be done before 12 noon. It is important to make Gongyo a part of your daily schedule in order to maintain a consistent practice. If it is possible, you should do morning and evening Gongyo at the same time everyday.

It is important to understand the significance of morning and evening Gongyo. Morning Gongyo characterizes the beginning of the day. You should pray to the Gohonzon as a Bodhisattva of the Earth, whose wish is the achievement of Kosen-rufu. If you do a fulfilling morning Gongyo, you can start the day with a fresh and pure mind. You will be able to live the day with fulfillment, and show actual proof and benefits in your life.

At evening Gongyo, you offer your appreciation to the Gohonzon, because you have been protected throughout the day by the guardian deities, the shoten zenjin.

Morning and evening Gongyo are the essential practices in Nichiren Shoshu, which produce tremendous benefits. Let’s practice Gongyo consistently, like the flowing water in the Mississippi River that never ceases.
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