Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buddhism?

Who is Shakyamuni Buddha?

Who is Nichiren Daishonin?

What is Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo?

What is the Gohonzon?

What are the Three Treasures?

What is the Dai-Gohonzon?

What is Karma?

What is Benefit?

What are the Three Great Secret Laws?

What is the practice of true Buddhism?

What is the Purpose of Faith?

What kind of Buddhist altar do we have in our homes?

What are the ten worlds?

Does Nichiren Shoshu teach silent meditation?

Does Buddhism teach the existence of a supreme being or God?

Q & A from Introductory Meetings

Why do we encounter obstacles when we decide to do this practice?

Why is the "B" section of Gongyo so much more difficult to learn that the "A" and "C" sections?

Did Nichiren Daishonin have the Gohonzon and chant to?

How should I solve the problem of being spoken ill of behind my back at work ?

The Gosho often references eradicating our earthly desires, but it also says that earthly desires equal enlightenment. How can both be true ?

Explain the difference between Zen Buddhism and Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism.

What does the Lotus Sutra mean when we are promised, "Peace and security in this lifetime and good circumstances in the next"?

With respect to general practice, what can a new member anticipate as a result of practicing Gongyo and chanting Daimoku? How will I know that this practice has value, works and brings benefit?

Where is importance focused on practice: good pronunciation and accurate ceremony (i.e. deliberate pronunciation and precise bell ring), or inaccurate yet heartfelt, well intentioned Gongyo, Daimoku and ceremony?

What is meant by practice for oneself and others? What constitutes practice for others? Is it only shakubuku? (Could it also be holding meetings, helping someone learn Gongyo, or chanting with someone else?)

What is the earliest time we can do evening Gongyo? And what is the latest time we can do morning Gongyo?

Can a person be reborn as an animal or insect and what determines when and where a person is reborn?

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