Nichiren Shoshu
Myohoji Temple
Los Angeles, CA

Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism
Introductory Meeting at Myohoji Temple

  • Third Thursday of each Month: 7:00 PM in the Reception Hall
    An Introduction to Buddhism: Come and learn how to chant and hear a sermon from our priest and enjoy a Q&A session with the priest. We hold regular Introduction to Buddhism meetings at our temple. Our meetings are open to the public.
  • Third Sunday of each Month: 10:00 AM in the Main Hall
Come and make new Buddhist friends at our Introductory meeting here at Myohoji Temple. Find out how people have greatly improved their lives through practicing Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism!

Latest Sermon from Chief Priest
Reverend Taishin Takano

Do It, and It Will Be Done

from August 11th 2013 Ceremony

About Nichiren Shoshu True Buddhism
Three thousand years ago, Shakyamuni of India preached his highest teaching, the Lotus Sutra. This was the purpose of his advent. He predicted the appearance of the True Buddha in the Latter Day of the Law, the age that would begin 2000 years after his passing. On February 16, 1222, Nichiren Daishonin made his advent in Japan, and proved with his life the predictions made in the Lotus Sutra. He is revered as the True Buddha of this time period, the Latter Day of the Law.  Click for more..
Upcoming Ceremonies
Sunday, Apr. 20thIntroductory Meeting for Guests
Sunday, Apr. 27thMonthly Memorial Ceremony for the Deceased & Risshu-e Ceremony
Sunday, May 4thKosen-rufu Gongyo Ceremony
Sunday, May 11thOko Ceremony in Praise of Nichiren Daishonin

The prayer offered by a votary of the Lotus Sutra is like the echo produced by a sound.  

It is like a shadow following a body, a moon reflected on clear water, the mythical full 

moon mirror attracting dewdrops, and a magnet drawing iron. It is like amber attracting 

dust, or a well-polished mirror reflecting everything clearly.
                                                    (Gosho, p. 626)
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